Our specialty is the supply of ductile iron pipes and accesories

FORTUNE SUPPLY HOUSE FORSA, S.A. begins operations in February 2009 and originate as an answer for the needs in the wáter management industries.

We are proud distributors of XINXING DUCTILE IRON PIPES CO LTD, from China PR, today, the biggest manufactures of this kinds of pipes in the world, with a nearly production of 2 millions tons per year and with presence in the asiatic, european and latin american markets.

Our work is to ensure for the quality, safety and durability of our products, and to offer them with a complete inventory and a highly competitive prices.

Healthy competition, which is part of our reason to be, allow us to brake any scheme of monopoly, our product is the best technical and economical option in the market and our branch is the world leader in this kinds of products.

So be it, We appreciate our clientes, promoters, distributors and Friends their choice and support.